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The Title to this post is not about the verb, Jog.  I definitely have not entered into that world of exercise...I will say yet because one day I may take up jogging...heheheheh...Still nothing like Clogging.

*But anyways back to the post*

I have been reflecting recently when writing my last blog; and it has sparked an interest to take a deeper jog down memory lane.  I remember years and years ago I used to do blogging with a twist called Xanga...Back then I thought of it as an online journal, which is basically the definition of blogging.  Tonight I actually googled my old Xanga of Teekup83, and I actually found it!!  You guys who had xanga should try it :-)  Teekup takes me way back to college days-- my roomies used that name because that was the name I used for my AIM addiction.  NO I was not addicted to Toothpaste!  I was obsessed with typing to people over the internet as instant messaging...sometimes my own roomates would chit chat through our computer, that truly is where I learned to type! Really these days it is kinda of like text Back then we didn't have touchscreen anything..WOW technology has definitely advanced!    Anyways I have copied and pasted one of the entries because it is amazing how it ties into to today.

Monday, January 10, 2005

                  Life is Good and God is Great! 
      Well I don't know if all of you know..but as of January 6th I put in my two week notice at Texas Roadhouse. ask, that is a very difficult question to answer...but to sum it up I am being obedient to God.  He wants me to move on and use me in another area. ask, that is another difficult question to answer..because honestly I haven't the slightest idea, that is the fun part though.  I am definately trusting my Lord with all of my heart and walking by faith.  It definately is not comfortable, but that makes us grow more and become stronger. So yeah that is a major change that I am undergoing as you read this, but life brings oranges make orange juice (basically make the best situation outta what you got)  Now on the other hand...I have an absolutely outta this world amazing wonderful caring boyfriend that is outstanding!  WOW, He definately is my first boyfriend and boy o boy is he ever an awesome guy!  Head over heels for this man of God!...heheheheh...     
        But yeah that is what is going on now in my life, definately completely different than 4 months ago when I was not as involved in West Ridge, didn't have Sunshine ( THE most awesomest best friend...I love you girl!!), didn't have this new idea of jobs, and surely didn't have Bubba ( The bestest guy after Gods own heart...My boyfriend!)  
        Yeah so that is the breakdown of what is going on NOW in my life!  I definately will miss TRH..but I will definately be back to visit everyone, don't think they can get rid of me that fast, aint gonna happen!  Well All of you have a wonderful week..and don't forget that it is kids night tomorrow the theme is Hillbilly...if you are a server that is looking at my site, shoo I don't know I just thought I would add that in there!  
Love YA!

I look back at when I wrote that and truly I didn't know what the future was.  And I am SOO glad that I decided to be obedient to the Lord or I wouldn't be in the place that I am in now.  It is true I did quit my Texas Roadhouse Job as a Marketing Director back in January of 2005, because the Lord removed the JOY!  That is how I knew God was shewwing me on.  

I remember at that same time I learned a very important lesson from my brother Brian.  He doesn't know that God was using him to teach me, which I think that is awesome in itself!  Brian has a little daughter and back then Madison was wee little.  But Brian was playing with Madison and he was throwing her up in the air where he let go of her and then seconds later caught her.  
Life Changing Lesson
 That is a perfect picture of what the Lord wants us to do, TRUST IN HIM!  Madison even being as small as she was trusted her father, Brian to always catch her when she was coming down.  Brian is a picture of my Heavenly Father and Madison is a picture of Me.  God wants to throw me up in the air and he really desires me to trust him that he will catch me.  So that is what I did!  I quit TRH and I didn't know where God was throwing me but I KNEW he was going to catch me and not let me fall!  Saying all that I  did get an awesome opportunity to grow in a medical office.  I started February of 2005 as a MRI/Referral Coordinator working at Georgia Pain Clinic.  And now to this day I am still longer named Georgia Pain Clinic it is now Pain Solutions Treatment Centers.  I have been working there for 5 years and love every day of it, God definitely has his hand in it!  I am now the Marietta Office Manager and I have a great team of ladies working behind me!  I couldn't do it without them...they are shinning stars...always positive, I am so blessed!

This was One Year later in 2006!  Actually My Bridal Shower was the same day
So I bet years and years down the road I will google this Blog and see where the Lord has taken me!!

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