Sunday, September 19, 2010

Leanne Renee Rogers

Let me introduce you to my beautiful daughter; Leanne Renee Rogers!  She was born on November 2nd 2008 at 2 AM in the morning...right as the time changed so really 3 AM.  The instant she appeared--she truly came out soo fast like she was coming down the fastest water slide--my life changed.  It is unbelievable how much love I have for her.  I do NOW understand 1/4th more of how my God loves me!  It is special that my daughter was born in November because my birthday is November 9th and my husband's is November 24th. So that means the next lil bundle of Joy will HAVE to be November..hehehe!
This is Obviously before Leanne appeared

Here I am in the Hospital where Leanne will Appear Shortly!
Taa Daa  She has Appeared!  This is my all time favorite picture of her because she is posing...she had a little bit of jaundice when she arrived home from the she was sun bathing indoors :-)

~My Family~


  1. welcome to blog world


    i've been honestly just missing you crazy. i was looking at your pictures today and just wishing we had more time together! so i hope blogging keeps us in touch more :) love you crazy tcup

  2. Hey Tee! Yay for bloggin mommas!!! Can't wait to read more!