Sunday, September 19, 2010

Keepin' It Real

Ok...So I have been following a few of my friends blogs...and I will have to tell ya guys they are amazing! So thanks to Candra Georgi and Sunshine Porter and Travis Ester-- I have enjoyed reading them so much that I have decided to do my own.  So here it goes..

First off I wanted to explain the name of the title.  Keepin' It Real is something that goes back to when me and my husband first met.  We were going to a singles group called the Exchange with Westridge Church and one of the things that we used to do on Sunday Night was hang out at our friend's house eat, play games, talk, all around have fun and we called it Keepin' It Real.  So that is where the name was born :-) Also I am a very real person that keeps it real with whatever is going on in my life.  And lately it has consisted of what a lil almost 2 year old does.  Poo Poo is something we talk about regularly.  Anyways as we continue more into this journey that we are on I will be revealing more and more of the funnies as well as the life lessons that I learn.  Here is a picture of my lil family.  Sidenote- I was looking through my pictures to find one of all three..ya I don't have many that we are all three in.  Note to Self need to capture more of the pictures that we are all in :-)  I have a ton of Leanne and Daddy...which you will see later.

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