Monday, September 20, 2010

Roy Rogers Jr "Bubba"


Well since I have introduced my beautiful daughter it is time to reveal the loving husband!  His name is Roy Rogers Jr...But I do not know him by that name...He is Bubba to us :-)  Although just a month ago his daughter finally called him Dada and not Bubba.  It absolutely melted his heart when he heard "dada" come out of her mouth. Although when she said "bubba" that was precious too,  Shooo any word that comes out of her mouth is precious...all though I can do without the lil fits that she produces, but hey keep it real right ;-)

I don't have many older pictures but this is one of our first Christmas' as a couple

Anyways...I had met the love of my life when I was just turning 21 years old.  Actually on my birthday he surprised me and gave me a call on my phone to wish me a happy birthday...definitely heart smiling at that moment! I remember our first date was when I was working at Texas Roadhouse as a marketing director and I had to close that night so I got off work at 11:00 pm.  And then after that I rushed home to get ready for my first date...when he arrived at my house he was greeted by my parents that were as real as ever!  I remember they were working on the day bed in our guest bedroom and my dad had lubrication all over his hands and he answered the door and the first thing he said was I am sorry about my hands me and Cheryl were lubricating the bed...AWWW...I love my parents soo much!  And then the next thing my dad said was do you go muddin with that truck...again...AWWW I love my daddy soo much!  But anyways we were off to the Marietta diner on November 19th, 2004.  And that was the best dinner I had ever had!  So basically at that night I know I realized, and I am pretty sure he realized that we had something very special!  Not to bore ya'll with all the details but when we got done eating dinner he drove me home and we were infront of my house in his truck and we just sat there and talked for 3 hours straight..(I promise just talking ;-)...basically that means time flew soo fast that Bubba didn't even realize his truck was still on. What a special night :-)
This was a LIFE CHANGING day!

So Fast forward a year later on November 13th we were at a Taylor Farm Park eating subway on a blanket near the pond and that is when the special moment happened when he asked me to spend the rest of my life with him...and OF course I said Absolutely!  So that is where my family started from...GOSH just typing all this makes me remember about all the different times.  OK So I will tell you a few..since I am thinking about them...hehehhe

For our first Christmas he gave me my first kiss...He presented it like it was a present and he told me to shut my eyes because he had to get my present so I shut my eyes in anticipation of some kind of surprise and then he leaned in and kissed me...Gosh my heart skipped a beat!  That moment was so special to me because not only was it my first kiss with my husband, but it was my first kiss ever!  And I would not have changed anything about it!

Then another very special time was when I met Bubba's family.  It actually was my second date with him when he had asked me to go with him to his Family's Thanksgiving, that I was absolutely beside myself that this fella that I had the best first date with just asked me to be a part of his Thanksgiving! I remember he came over to my house all dressed very nice and he brought in little debbie cakes and asked if I had a tupperware to put them in.  I didn't understand what was going on but I went along with his plan and he unwrapped each debbie and place them in the tupperware very nicely...and he said this is what we are brining as our dish.  I was thinking to myself you just bought them from the store and you are unwrapping them as presenting them as a dish...ok whatever floats your boat.  But we arrived at his Dad's thanksgiving and that is where he brought the dish...and everyone was laughing and said this is the typical thing for Bubba.  But anyways when I was there I had met his Dad and his step- mom and his two step brothers and his sister and their families.  At that time his youngest sister was on a cruise.  But we had a fabulous dinner and they learned about me and I learned about them.  Then after we ate lunch we went over to his Mom's house and gosh I remember those awesome Potato Boats...that is a tradition!  Everyone calls her Honey and that fits her soo well...she is even sweeter than honey!  And that day I fell in love with not only Bubba but his family! 

Guys I can go on and on and on...But in summary...this man is very special and an awesome husband, father, leader, Man after God's own heart!  The humblest man I have ever met...Dang I am soo Blessed!

Our Wedding Day
So moving on we got married June 17th , 2006 and of course that  definitely holds a very special place in my heart.

Then April 1st 2008 we realized that I was 3 months pregnant!  And again that is life changing day as well :-)

                                             Then 6 months later...she appeared!

Now how can you say Night Night to this face!

There on the couch behind her is all her hard work :-)  Which we happened to be watching Hoarding Show
And now we are just loving life every minute that is revealed to us...Definitely alot of fun with a lil 23 month.  This picture was taken yesterday at about 10:00 at night...she was far from tired she actually was taking the sunday paper advertisements and carried them from one couch to another!  It was the same time she again ruled the night!  We are getting better at this...she is a natural born leader I tell you :-)

***But for a positive note about mommy and daddy leading she went to sleep wonderful in her new big girl toddler bed.  I just read a little book and they she tapped her lil hand next to her and said "mama" So I laid down with her for maybe 5 minutes and she was out!  SCORE!!***



  1. I love that November 13th was the proposal! That's my wedding anniversary!!! Special day! ;)